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We're just a group of techy teenagers working on integrating technology into our everyday education throughout our school district.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The Creek Squad got started with Twitter when our Grant Wood consultant, Stacy Behmer, brought up the idea of a Creek Squad Twitter account. On one of our work days we went through the process of creating an account. We then went and started choosing followers as a group. Afterwards we decided that we would choose “tweeters” every week who would tweet for the Creek Squad account.

Miles Lucas

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mimio Interactive Smart Board

On the week of  January 10th, 2011, three members of the Creek Squad were chosen to participate in a private class to learn about Interactive Boards. David Herzog took time out of his day to teach myself (Lauren Judge), Rachel Beckler, and Bailey Mooney, along with our Director of Technology, Joe Francis.
In the class, we learned how to correctly calibrate the board and pen. We also learned how to set different commands to the different buttons on the pen.There was an A button and a B button. You could set either to be the right clicker, and the other to be one of a number of different options.
Until you are very comfortable with the pen you use for the board, your handwriting on the notebook is sort of messy and hard to read. No problem :) There is a tool called Ink Recognition. You can select your hand written text, and use the Ink Recognition tool and it will turn it into a font! You can then choose the size, font, color, etc all right from the board instead of going back to your computer and typing it on a key board.
You can also pull a keyboard up directly on the interactive board. Then you just type with the stylus. You can Google search, type in URLs (site addresses), and anything else you could do with a keyboard.
We learned a lot more, and I was very interested in this subject. I have so far used Smart Board and Mimio brands. Each is very interesting and fun to use :)
I would love to learn more on the topic and be able to master the pen :D Hahah, I had some issues with actually writing with the pen. It looked like a Kindergartener’s handwriting :)
-Lauren Judge :)