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We're just a group of techy teenagers working on integrating technology into our everyday education throughout our school district.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

We Broke the Spell

The Creek Squad has finally broken out of the grueling dry spell. We ventured out to North Bend and Oxford Elementary schools. It was nice for a change of pace, especially at the end of the school year. Six of us, Moriah Johnson, Lauren Judge, Gene Schwartzman, Rachel Beckler, Trevor Toy, and Cooper Horning.

Thursday the six of us made a trip over to North Bend Elementary in North Liberty to help prepare the future sixth graders for the use of Google Docs. It was nice to have a group of kids who really had no idea what they were doing, but they were awful talkative. It was nice to get out of school to play teacher.
                         - Cooper Horning

Tuesday, six of us went to Clear Creek Elementary in Oxford to start getting our district’s 5th Graders up to speed on their Clear Creek Amana Google Domain accounts. It was nice to teach people that didn’t already know what we planned on teaching them. It’s always fun to see the reactions people have when they learn something new in technology.

                        - Rachel Beckler

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  1. I agree... It was a very fun time! :) Nice to finally be able to help the kids get ready for middle school. I'm sure that them going from fifth grade (almost no computer use) to sixth grade (almost ALWAYS using computers) would have been hard without even knowing how to log into their Google accounts... Would have been even harder for the teachers!!! :)

    ~ Lauren Judge